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5 Tips to Help Your Child Be a Good Eater

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    March 17, 2018 7:28 PM PDT

    5 Tips to Help Your Child Be a Good Eater

    5 Tips to Help Your Child Be a Good Eater

    A picky eater is tough on parents (and it’s tough on a picky eater too).You may not be able to totally control your child’s tastebuds, but there are things you can do to help them develop into good eaters from a young age. Here are some of my best tips.AdvertisementDon’t make them separate meals. As soon as your baby starts on solid foods, start including them in what you’re eating at meals. Oatmeal, mashed avocados, rice with sauce, soup, etc. are all easy things for babies to try out, and they’ll get used to a wide variety of tastes and textures quickly. Plus, you don’t have to make a separate thing for them!Keep the snacks to a minimum. Snacks are the death of good eating, I think. My girls have one snack in the afternoon, but other than that,baby stores online, they eat at meals and not at other times or I know I’ll get resistance at mealtime.Variety is key. It’s easy to get in a rut, having the same cereal every morning or the same flavor of yogurt or the exact same snacks every day. Try to change up flavors, textures, and tastes as often as you can.Don’t let them drink all their calories. If they’re drinking milk and juice all day long,baby shoes, it’s no wonder they aren’t that hungry when a mealtime rolls around.Don’t take it personally. If they spit their food out or cry about how it’s the worst meal they’ve ever had, remind yourself they also wear diapers. They’re just trying to assert independence and learn new things, so give them a little space,baby toys, let them spit things out, and just keep trying.


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    April 11, 2018 3:05 AM PDT

    When it comes to helping your child to love new foods, be persistent (not pushy).

    So don’t give up on encouraging healthy eating habits in your kids. Here are five more tricks to try.

    1. Be a Good Role Model

    2. Keep It Positive

    3. Offer a Variety

    4. Be Stealthy with Healthy Ingredients

    5. Get the Kids Involved

    My point: when it comes to helping your child to love new foods, you need to be persistent but not pushy. And remember that every kid is different—what works for one child may not work for another. Don't give up. Eventually, they’re likely to bite.