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How do I motivate myself to study?

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    February 6, 2019 12:54 AM PST
    1. Use Vaseline over your eyelids while learning late night. It will help you to keep away from sleep.
    2. Remove all the wall clocks & hand watches from room & try not to look at any machine which shows time. This will help you to learn according to your mood, not on the basis of time table or clock.
    3. Change your sitting point after some period of time.
    4. Drink a lot of water while studying.
    5. Turn off mobile notifications & put your phone on silent.
    6. Play music in mild volume while you're tired & frustrated.
    7. Avoid studying lying on bed.
    8. When tired (after school or college) do unnecessary works like writing lab copy, assignments.
    9. When feel sleepy at midnight, wash your face using face wash which contains menthol or some cooling particles. It helps to vanish your sleep magically.
    10. Avoid coffee at midnight because it boosts you for some time but after that you will feel sleepy which is more dominating than before.
    11. Turn off your room AC if you want to work late night.
    12. Need to memories within very short span of time? Eat chocolate while studying. Research says chocolate helps to remember things faster.
    13. Use old books instead of using new one. It gives you an emotion that someone had already finished this so this might be easy or possible.
    14. Avoid using eBook , instead use hard copies.
    15. Watching porn won't refresh your mind instead it will drain your energy.
    16. Calling your best friend might help to reduce stress.
    17. Mark book pages with color pens. It helps you to keep in mind that red clear formula, that vital line or word. cheap essay
    18. Use flow charts while memorizing procedures.
    19. Chill & think. You can discover a lot of tricks.