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Rising Diseases

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    June 30, 2019 9:58 AM PDT
    Numerous diseases that we got rid of in the US are back and some resiatant. Hepatitis A is epidemic and so is typhus in california. Waves of mumps and measels are popping up and polio......we should always remind people that a part of the armor of God is self protection and what we eat and drink.
    Most wellness ministries are geared to health and prevention and never meant to handle larger loads or care.
    Many congregations will need to turn inward and look to thier own as opportunities to help in some way become more and more hazardous and some people's ecpectation more and more frustrated. We have a hermitage....needs a well pump and security....because some of the people there are making money in bad ways. But they wont be there long and when the hu-nammi hits them, they will have better things to do and will be busy preying on the disaster people.
    But I think the deed is done? Even the outbreaks we have now make withdrawing from public a wiser choice, let alone this winter. Grim possibilities, but need to be planned for and even if you plan? 50/50 at best.....because we did plan, but likely wont make it anyway.