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Prayers needed

  • September 3, 2020 9:09 PM PDT
    Today a young man in my family overdosed on muscle relaxers and is on life support. Please pray for his recovery.
  • September 13, 2020 4:19 AM PDT
    NEW BISHOPS CONSECRATIONS INFORMATION: The IAL United States College of Bishops makes known to Christian and non-ChristianChurches, Independent and non-Independent Christian Clerics of Latin America, England and Europe (Including those located in Canada, the Caribbean Sea and the USA):
    1. That since the year of Our Lord Jesus Christ 2008, fraternally supports the missionary work of Brother Simón José Alvarado-Espina (Venezuelan citizen), appointed "Bishop Elect at that time for South America, in conjunction with our sister religious organizations: The Anglican Conservative Church of North America and The Anglican Orthodox Communion. 2. That according to the designs and will of God, under the instructions of the Primary Office of IAL and MAAC, respecting the protocol of the Covid-19 and the requirements of the Government of United States under the Presidency of Mr. Donald Trump on the Coronavirus Pandemic, The Very Reverend Simón José Alvarado Espina, will be consecrated for the Feast of the Nativity, year 2020, in our Saint Mary of Walsingham Cathedral, located at: 3211 Synot Rd, Houston, Texas, 77082. United States.
    3. IAL and MAAC, appoints our Archbishop Protector of The "Anglo Catholic Monks of Saint Lawrence", Brother Alonso Davila-Alvarado (Rector of the Cathedral), as Master of the Ceremony, requests the IAL Brother Bishops Jorge Luis García-Linares and Marwan Geara, to travel to the city of Houston, Texas during those days and help Brother Alonso to organize the ceremony. 4. That IAL and MAAC, request our Bishop Alberto Piedrahita-Escobar of Canada and Colombia, to communicate with Brother Alonso Davila Alvarado, so that he is responsible for the organization of the holy liturgy.
    5. The Latin American Anglican Church, taking into account the health problem of the moment, is thinking within the same ceremony and in accordance with the will of the Almighty, to consecrate bishop our Brother Generoso Maria Matogo-Mondomo (Spanish citizen originally from Equatorial Guinea, Africa) and our Brother Gabriel Henriquez (Venezuelan citizen). 6. The Office of the Archbishop Primate will deliver credentials, decrees and ratification acts to the brother bishops José Luis Lopez (Puerto Rico), Pedro Antonio Tineo-Serrano (Dominican Republic).
    7. The Old Anglo Catholic Movement of the United States will coordinate the Entry Visas to the United States for both new consecrated persons and guests if they come from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (South America). Europeans do not require a Visa. 8. We wholeheartedly want our young Bishop Brother Cristian Gerardo Romero from the Argentine Republic to participate in the ceremony and stay as special guests, our Bishop Rolando Geronimo (Belgium), our bishop José Margarito Alberto-Jimenez (Mexico), and our Bishop Enrique Sanz Bascuñana (Kingdom of Spain).
    Communicate and comply, + Leonardo Marin-Saavedra - Primacial IAL and Presidencial MAAC. London, England (UK) September 12, 2020.
    Here I annex the page of our Provinces and responsible:

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