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your thoughts on Trans/crossdressers church?

  • October 21, 2020 10:13 PM PDT
    I The Gray Pope (Anna) want to create a church geared towards the Transgender & crossdressing people.

    I believe times are new because of Jesus Christ the one that was possessed by the Holy Ghost that I called the word of God & as long as your baptized your saved from your sins & if you dont judge then you wont be judge.

    Follow the 10 commandments & Father is just looking at you with a peaceful mind.

    But now need more info of what people think on this area of life.

    How can i help i have read one book on it & when it comes to the Holy Bible i say to most of what people say i just say well if i were Jewish or Hebrew then those would be laws i would have to follow. But im not. Im non denominational and because of that I don't even know how to think of myself as a Christian because that's a denomination so I'm just non-denominational and that will be the church that is made.
    All faiths in one & under one roof.

    Thanks & Blessing.

    Please be nice with your words but say what you think you should say.
  • December 11, 2020 1:52 PM PST

     Hello Richard 

     I think it is nice you want to minister to the transgender and crossdressers.  As for me I'm not here to judge you, or I will be judge, you as a person are free to create a church for any of God's lost souls. 

    I find Christian is the way you carry yourself as Jesus carried himself. The Holy Bible and the laws were written for all not just the Jews or Hebrews. 

    You know if you start this church you will bring you and the transgenders and crossdresser a lot of problems and trouble. I will say follow your heart, remember Jesus was not accepted by the people.



  • December 17, 2020 11:40 PM PST
    Thanks for your words Michael .

    Yes I know it could bring problems.

    I use to think of my self as a Christian but not much anymore.

    Those laws were made for everyone but if its not in the words in red then i tend to look away.
    Their not my laws if their not in red words.

    Sure i still go by the 10 commandments because their Fathers laws but The Word did say something like that in red words i would have to look again but either way.
    Old tes is just about the old way.
    Its the Torah.
    Its a Lot of Good books but its the old way.

    But to be Christian is to follow the new tes.
    & i just look to the words of red because i see something new.
    I see stuff most people & ive been in Bible studies wars because of what i see
    One day when i was about to give up & pretty much said im done.
    You guys can just be brainwashed by the way of the world.
    The Word said to me very loud.

    You think I never had to fight because of what i saw & taught.
    It was a fight all the way thats why i had to die on that cross because people didnt agree with me.
    & heck theirs still to this day many of my people( Jewish* Hebrew) that dont except me.
    So you just keep fighting.
    Even if it kills you too.
    Thats why i keep fighting with the light that i see.

    If we were natural then laws would be different but we are not.
    We were made by. Higher Power a bunch of extraterrestrials and as a group they're called the Elohim & their leader is call Yahweh. Thats why it says make them in our image.
    Not my image
    But when it comes down to it
    Church is man made.
    The Bible was man made.
    If it was made by the Higher Power that has many names.
    The Higher Power would of given a book to the church not man make it.
    I want to trust.
    But change a word here.
    Change a word there.
    Loom at the end of the book curse.
    For to anyone that adds to the book they will added all the bad of the book.
    (Rev-ch22-v18) that is why the planet is the way it is to day. We suffer the curse of people adding to the Holy Bible. It should of never been edit to fit todays words & life. But people did & we cant change that.

    You can.make people believe anything.
    Plus that book was for the people of that time.
    Its old.
    Its a good lesson.
    But we have running water now.
    We have protection.
    Sure we have secret societies making horrible diseases because they go by some religion that tells them what's right and what's wrong and they don't go by the heart it's sad but very true
    I think I've said enough here and thank you for your wise words

    I tend to mumble alot of stuff because no one wants to understand they just want to fight & make me believe what the masses believe.

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    July 13, 2021 6:08 PM PDT

    Sorry but Christians don't own the word church, a church can be opened by any establishment of any belief system. Though the term is mostly associated with Christian beliefs, it's really nothing more than a gathering of like-minded people...nothing more, nothing less. So, since Freedom of Religion is a constitutional right in this country, anyone can open up any type of "church" with any type of belief system if they live in the US. (And for the record, Jesus left the church and the great outdoors became his church..sounds very pagan, huh? }) Now, with that said, as a mother of someone who is transgender, I find the Christian rejection insane, at best. If you look at the studies with transgender people, something went wrong in uetero and they developed a one gender mind but the body came out a different gender. We would refer these things as "flukes of nature" in nursing school. But it's really all about how they developed during pregnancy and somehow something didn't work out right. They've done scientific studies on it, so this isn't me just talking out of my butt. For me, when I learned about this, I had to wonder if the abusive I occurred from her biological father has something to do with this. But I do considerher my miracle child because of the abuse, it was a miracle that she was even born, muchless not developmentally messed up. So, if this the worst that happened, I'm grateful. Now, imagine yourself growing up one gender yet it feels like your playing dress up because your body doesn't match your soul. Imagine being male and looking in the mirror and wondering why you have boobs or a vagina? Feeling like there is something seriously wrong with you and then being rejected by society and even religious family member's because apparently, something is wrong. Unlike those who were born with messed-up physical things, yours is there but can't be seen. People assume it's a choice. Always being forced to act and be something your not. Trying to accept your own self when very few other's actually do. This isn't a choice, and I seriously doubt they are an abomination of God, nor do I believe God would be cruel enough to punish me because I was kid that chose the wrong person to be with. But then again, we are talking about the God who rejected a 5 yearold child for seeing and talking to dead people..being an evil "medium", lol. Let me tell you something about my daughter (born male) she is one of the most giving people I know, accepts everyone for who they are and almost killed herself because people like yourselves told her she was an abomination, God's reject, even though, apparently God doesn't make mistakes. It's sad when a disorder like this Christians are so quick to reject and condemn to hell but will accept a child who's missing an arm or a leg. The cruelty that many Christians have because they were brainwashed into a belief system of fear. And who appointed them as God's punisher's, cloaked in prideful glory, lol. This was a long journey for my daughter and for myself. But I understood her even though she didn't understand herself, because I walked in similar shoes. I didn't ask to have a higher sensitivity, to "be psychic" even though being"psychic" is actually a very natural thing. Oh yeah, everyone has it, I think the term people use is "feeling a vibe"..lol, it's no different. Everyone was created with this sense of intuition and reading everybody's energy. But my daughter was luckier then I. I was trained since childhood to reject and hate myself for who I was. I was to I was cursed and God would never accept me unless I rejected who I was...even though I was created like this. But this also allowed me to teach my daughter to love herself regardless. I provided a place she could feel safe and loved. It took her a longtime, but she finally transitioned and her outside finally fits her inside. I also came to the conclusion over the years that there is NO way the true God would be so cruel and so contradicting. It's like an abusive relationship. rewarded for good behavior, severely punished for bad behavior, and condemned in a place of hellfire for using freewill that he gave you? That's not freewill, that's control. I'm convinced that Christianity was created by Lucifer because only he would be able to create so much fear, so much hatred and above all else, so much pride!! Anyway's, there is no "ministering" to them, their souls, their minds were literally created in the wrong bodies. God didn't screw up, nature did. They have spent a lifetime being rejected by strangers and even loved one's due to their ignorance. There's nothing to forgive, nothing to change. If they make it alive long enough to love and accept themselves, then they are already saved. The only they will burn in hell is if you put them back there. So, please, leave them alone and focus on saving yourself...

  • August 4, 2022 6:50 AM PDT
    Thanks for the advice.

    After this post was written I probably wont make a church I’m thinking more or a new social Society, another movement.

    It seems like you thought i was going against LGBTQ
    Nope being Trans Women myself I’m on their side.

    My dorm Woman cell never left my body because we always go through the state of being a woman first to become a man. So if that stem cell is not released. Through the umbilical cord like the stem cell should be but because that wasn’t released it goes dormant and stays in the body somehow it gets activated and then when it’s activated you believe you’re a woman these are my thoughts.
    I am Man that was meant to be born a Man but to evolve into a woman as close as I can get so my transition into my next life will be woman because the soul is both man and woman I believe
    I told the doctor that and he laughed but he said you might be onto something because you’re right if your body has three stem cells and two are left one is right coded for making the arms. The code takes the right and left one and throws the other one out which is released when I umbilical cord is cut so again we should be saving all that stuff so we can evolve but whatever

    But I have my beliefs you have yours I respect them but sometimes I write too much so people miss read what I say just like I probably miss read some of what you said because I don’t have time to read it three times but I was in the church.
    All that I see a whole different message. I see a whole different thing when it comes to the Bible. all the stuff they preach is usually out of the old testament & look around at today society. the higher power saw it coming so he tried to get people not to do certain things but now we have prep so that helps

    And as for pagan if you read in the history book at the church they use all types of pagan stuff and when it comes down to it again was one of the first religions it was before Christianity and then he of the Samarian faith that goes back even further but as far as all this other Christian Jewish all that that’s extra terrestrial made a higher power uses people and these people are from a different galaxy and have created us
    Intelligent.design rael.org

    The last message from Elohim creators

    There’s a huge smoke game and it’s all about getting our money & making us scared so we follow.
    Well they try

    And no I don’t really leave anybody alone. if I see it’s wrong and it’s causing problems to other people then yes I step in that’s what the word does
    No matter how much I resist the thought of who I am and who I was meant to be not this life but I know who I was in a past life and it’s sad to see that my church is doing what it’s doing but I can’t show myself because they’ve been deceived so much and I’m really ashamed because they’re all worshiping The idol image or however it’s worded but all of what is preached in the Commandments of my father. I look around and see really no one‘s really following it and it’s just amazing to see how many people just let people tell them what to do. I came on a donkey but now I come on a horse. horse represent war and that’s why I don’t talk because the sword of my mouth
    It’s just amazing how things don’t matter because everybody else thinks it’s right but it’s not an to be right or honest even us higher powers make mistakes problem is it isn’t a mistake to us because we can fix it and that’s that so we have the free world believe what you want you can believe what you want and like I said thanks for the kind words but I’m here for a mission but I’ll probably have to wait to my next life
    This planet is for trials and tribulation and that is why it is the way it is so if you believe believe but the world isn’t meant to get any better it’s meant to get worse so I know who my true believers are many blessings
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    September 2, 2022 9:51 AM PDT

    I don't think starting a church like that would be impossible.

    You may get criticised by more conservative leaning Christians but I think provided you still follow the teachings of Christ and the 10 commandments, etc, you should be ok to do this.