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your thoughts on Trans/crossdressers church?

  • October 21, 2020 10:13 PM PDT
    I The Gray Pope (Anna) want to create a church geared towards the Transgender & crossdressing people.

    I believe times are new because of Jesus Christ the one that was possessed by the Holy Ghost that I called the word of God & as long as your baptized your saved from your sins & if you dont judge then you wont be judge.

    Follow the 10 commandments & Father is just looking at you with a peaceful mind.

    But now need more info of what people think on this area of life.

    How can i help i have read one book on it & when it comes to the Holy Bible i say to most of what people say i just say well if i were Jewish or Hebrew then those would be laws i would have to follow. But im not. Im non denominational and because of that I don't even know how to think of myself as a Christian because that's a denomination so I'm just non-denominational and that will be the church that is made.
    All faiths in one & under one roof.

    Thanks & Blessing.

    Please be nice with your words but say what you think you should say.