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  • November 23, 2020 9:28 PM PST
    I am a practicing spiritual theistic satanist who has had some definite troubles with christian religion. Long story short I had to leave the christian faith behind after a huge mental breakdown in 2006. During the time of christian experience it seemed like I was always being brought back to my introduction and practice of church of satan material in 1997, so I think those years I was involved christian wise I was being challenged to spiritually grow within left hand path practices.

    It was a long process of lengthy reading and exploring history. It was only since 2017 that I became spiritually inclined as a satanist after exploring general witchcraft for about 9 years.

    Now things are really coming together intellectually for me, as well as spiritually and I feel lead to believe that I have a purpose in life that is more than just the average experience.

    Im not a bid fan of lots of the history out there. A lot seems to reinforce authority of government and I believe a lot of the earliest spiritual ways have been corrupted by modern power seekers.

    But now we are where we're at, and I am interested in officiating as a reverend as a practicing spiritual theistic satanist for universal life church.

    So another chapter is being written in my life's book, and I am excited to get things going!