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Wedding and Funeral Questions

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    August 5, 2021 11:03 AM PDT

    As I travel down this path of life I have decided I would like to perform Weddings and Funerals..... I have a few questions.

    1. How are you promoting what you are able to do perform?  Word of mouth, Social Media, Website?

    2. For a Wedding what attire is the most appropriate? 

    3. If you charge how do you determine what to charge?





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    May 19, 2023 3:10 PM PDT

    What is your time worth. How much time do you plan to spend with the couple? For example, my assumption has been if this couple has a parish relationship they wouldn't have called me. If I was still in a parish and they were members I would charge nothing because their membership would have already paid for my time however in this biz that is not usually the case.

    I usually plan to sit with the couple at least 3 times before the wedding.

    1) get to know you and outline the general expectations, find out why they called me, what they are looking for, date, time, place, participants.

    2) General outline of the ceremony. They have had some more time to think about what they want so they will also bring suggestions

    3) "Final script" in as much detail as possible.

    Between those times I will be preparing the service and emailing back and forth details as we clear up the expectations. Usually these days I create a shared electronic folder so we can share space with one another.

    4) If there is a wedding planner or facilities person that will be helping them I make a point of sitting with them to find out their expectations and see the facility they will be using, so I can adjust my planning.

    5) rehearsal one or two days before at the facility with all participants

    6) wedding day.

    7) returning the license

    In general between planning and sit downs I have at least 10 - 12 hours invested perhaps more depending on travel time.

    So what is 10-12 hours worth? Part of my initial conversation with them outlines how much time I will be investing in their marriage therefore I am able to justify my cost. So the question really is how much is your time worth. At $30 per hour you have to charge at least $360. At $50 $500-600. It is important to outline how much time you will be investing in their wedding.