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The solid foundation of who we are

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    January 14, 2022 3:22 AM PST

    Most religions, according to google, are seeing a steady decline in adherents, yet we at ULC are growing.


    Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves and ask ourselves “why did I really join the U.L.C?

    What drove me to participate?

    For me, it was to understand my beliefs better and above all to somehow make a difference. To seek possible answers for my spiritual needs, and find my gnosis(spiritual truth).


    I have come to believe that our ministers, in essence and in different words, are on a similar quest.

    I also believe that each one of us can and do make a difference.


    Historically spiritual beliefs and societal change were instigated by one person, whether Buddha, Jesus, Crowley, G.Gardner A. Saunders or R Hubbard, Zorastra even Malcolm X and Reverend M.L King. The list is huge.

    Whether by divinity, divine intervention or inspiration, these men built the foundation of our modern civilisation.

    They did not belong to a bureaucracy or organisation, although most were founders of one, whether church or foundation, These were individuals with an idea and passion to make a difference.

    Bureaucracies are impervious to change and if they do change, change is very slow and not always to the original intent.


    The Dalai Lama once remarked” If you think that one individual cannot make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.”  Mahatma Gandhi showed the world the truth of this saying.


    Our forefathers have built the foundation of our spiritual house. It does not matter in what we believe or how we believe, the foundation is time tested and solid.


    We tend to look back through the years at the foundations, admire and love it. We quote the builders and revere them for the difference they have made to society and it should be so too.


    But a house is more than it’s foundation, the time has come to continue building our spiritual home.

    Not just for now but into the future as well. Sure it is hard, but the builders of our religious./ spiritual beliefs have shown us the way, and that it can be done.


    We do not have to abandon our convictions,ideology and beliefs, but as society is changing rapidly we, now more than ever, need the full protection of the solid house. The storm of change is descending on us. It will be brutal when the full force finally hits us.

    Is it not now the time to prepare and build??


    I do not think we will have to change our religion, convictions or beliefs, but adapt them for our times which we surely must.


    We the ministers of ULC are unique, we encompass every belief, ideology and religion on the globe. We are not not strictly beholden to any one belief.

    Together we can accomplish the seemly impossible. Each one of us can and should build for a solid spiritual future.


    How do we build with so many different belief systems?


    Our foundation builders right across the world, in every culture have given us, basically, the same message using different ways of expressing it.

    We should, combined, work out our message for our home, our future.

    Once we have a clear message we can then express the meaning in terms of whatever belief, conviction or religion you hold dear.