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Greetings from SE PA (but NOT Philly) LOL

  • October 4, 2022 3:28 PM PDT

    Good evening everybody!

    I'm Rev. Samuel Siegel from Quakertown, PA (a stick in the mud about 30 min south of Allentown). I am an Omnist Minister who has been with the ULC since 1998 originally and reaffirmed my Ordination as of March 22nd, 2017. I've been an ordained minister since about 1993, researched and practiced many faiths, and been through seminary courses and various classes on a wide variety of faiths both monotheistic and polytheistic. I have respect for all religions and traditions even if I may not agree or believe in them, thus the very essence of being an Omnist.

    Omnism is not a religious sect, denomination, faith, or path. But simply an outlook a but like interfaith-plus. I respect the similarities and differences, as well as whomever, believes in their path to their own spirituality and faith. 

    So, I figured I would finally take the time and look through the ULC websites a bit more carefully and network a bit better than I have been over the years. So, Hello, nice to make your acquaintances brothers and sisters!