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My Story

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    January 27, 2018 7:58 AM PST

    I was ordained January 4, 2018, and this is my story...

    The religion of my childhood was that of the Church of Christ. I was fortunate to have a pastor that encouraged us to think about, and question, our faith, as he felt that blind faith was not a good thing. It is advice that I have followed throughout my life. Over the years, my views of God and the divine changed considerably in some respects, while they have became more firm in others.

    I believe my true revelation was a dream I had about a decade ago. It was a very vivid dream in which I was taken on a long journey through the cosmos. I saw many wondrous things, and I listened raptly while the quiet voice of my unseen host, explained the workings of the universe. Whether my guide was male or female (or if they were one or many) I couldn't say, but I had an overwhelming feeling of connection and rightness as the many pieces of the puzzle fitted together.

    Like any other dream, this one came to an end, but much differently than what I have experienced before, or since. This time, the dream's end was a gentle, but sudden, shift into full consciousness. There was no grogginess, and I felt like I'd been awake for hours. I could not recall specific details of the dream, but I had, and still have, an unshakable, comforting certainty of the connection of all things, and in the ability of human beings to create paradise on earth.

    I consider the dream a precious gift. I have spent the years since getting to know other religions. I have found truth in every wisdom tradition I have examined, and I believe that all of them are paths to the same end... that being to bring the soul closer to the divine. Therefore, the path I follow is one in which I am able to gather and cherish the pearls of truth as I find them, and in which I am free to create new traditions. My personal spiritual practice incorporates elements of Buddhism, Christianity, Wicca, and ancient Egypt.

    When something keeps crossing my path, I take it as a sign that I should do something about it. Of late, I have seen so much hatred of the perceived "other" and the hurt that it causes, I decided to do what I could to encourage and nurture connections between people and to offer support and comfort to those who hurt. Ordination was the logical next step on my path, and I pray that I am granted the strength and wisdom I need to do what needs to be done.



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    February 18, 2018 3:11 PM PST

    That's a wonderful story, Susan. Thanks for sharing.