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  • February 22, 2021 11:27 PM PST

    After dying in 2005, I slipped into a 3 day coma on life support I awoke from on St. Valentine's day.

    While dead, the Lord communicated with me directly, and gave me a charge of authorship.

    I was given three signs to know I was on the right path and to verify that I was sane.

    The first was a move into the forest. In 2010 I moved from East NY to rural WA.

    The second was a man of faith recognizing me as a rock of faith which culminated In April of 2020.

    The third was a journey to the place I would call home to begin my work.

    I have experienced the first two, am still on the path and am coming up to the third sign.  

    I was told there was to be more than 10 people that would have had a similar experience.

    I was told they would recognize me and offer to join me in my endeavors after hearing me.

    I am looking for those people. Please help me find them.